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Electrical Manufacturing Services

Fully competent and highly experienced in all areas of EMS including, wafer fab/assembly/test up to chip level, COB, PCB fabrication, high frequency assembly and test, SMT, PCBA, Optical Inspection, Thru-hole, wave solder, flip-chip, BGA assembly, RF tuning, component assembly, cable assembly, HALT/HASS testing, Test System design and technical problem solving/yield improvement.

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Metal Fabrication

Significant experience in parts fabrication for all industries including Aerospace, Automotive and Medical with any type of materials. Our team and supply base are experts in processes such as extrusion, milling, turning, wire cut, injection moulding, die casting, forming, bending, thermoforming, laser/water jet/saw cutting, die and tool making. Additionally we have qualified sources of supply for all Aluminium Alloys (Plates, Sheets & Rolls), Billets, Steel (Including Stainless), Titanium, Zytel, Polycarbonates and fasteners around the world.

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Surface Treatments

After the fabrication process we can meet your needs in a wide variety of surface treatments including NADCAP certified suppliers. Our supply base offers all types of Anodize including Type I, II and III with or without color dyeing and any thickness required. Additionally we offer Surtec, Alodine, Powder Coating, Primer and Painting, Zinc, Nickel, Gold or any other requirements you have. We understand the industry problems with platings and surface treatments and can ensure your specs are met. Our team is also highly experienced with surface quality requirements such as Boeing and Airbus standards, grain lines, matte or glossy.

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Special Processes

Our offering includes all your special process needs including thermoforming, plasma, composite, fibreglass, TIG Welding, Laser/Water jet/Saw cutting, heat treatment, long hole drilling, deep drawn process, forging, extrusion/tube bending and honeycomb panel routing and assembly. Additionally our experts can manage secondary processes such as ink stamp/engraving, polishing, wet/dry blasting, tumbling and grinding.

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